Reviewing Some of the Best Adventure Touring Motorbikes

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People who have a taste for adventure and the wilderness have often found interest in reading up about the best adventure touring motorcycles. Riding through the night, on the rough and shaky terrains to reach the final destination is an adventure like none other. And that is why there is a special category of bikes that caters to the people’s adventure. You cannot hope to take your regular bikes out on the streets and cover long distances without wearing your bike out or giving yourself a backache. In fact, the bikes meant for normal usage are not even cut out in that manner. Therefore, if you are keen on taking that road trip on a bike, here are a few reviews that might help you make the right decision.


Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere:

It is important that we remember here that this model is not exclusively an adventure bike. It has several practical purposes, as well. However, it is also built in a way that can help you take it out on an adventure. It is powered by a six-speed transmission and has top traction control. These are features that are extremely crucial for any bike to be classified as an adventure bike. Speaking of the other specifications, it has a fuel capacity of 23 liters and weighs around 262 kilograms.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R:

The second bike that we have on the list has the word ‘adventure’ in its very name, which puts all the debates to bed. It is very much an adventure bike that weighs 217 kilograms and has a fuel capacity of 23 liters. It also has a torque of 140 Nm at 6750 per mile. The best thing about this adventure bike is that you can run it through any kind of terrain with utmost comfort and as smoothly as possible. The features of top-shelf suspension and adjustable fuel mapping also set it apart from many other bikes.

Triumph Tiger 800 xCx:

The final adventure bike that we are about to review in this list is the Triumph Tiger 800 xCx. It is fit to be taken out for long distances and has the necessary features that make for a great adventure bike. It weighs about 205 kilograms and has a fuel capacity of 19 liters. The fuel capacity might be a tad lesser than the others we have on the list. However, if you are looking for a cheaper deal with a great make, this bike fits the bill just right.


It is essential that we remember that each motorcycle is different from one another. No two motorbikes are the same. And that is why it is incredibly important to look into all the features of the bikes separately, compare and contrast them and only then proceed to select one. Bikes are expensive; make sure to do your research optimally before purchasing one.

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