The Best Vintage Motorcycles under $10,000 to Get Your Hands On

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Some people have a penchant for all things vintage. Classics have a special charm about themselves. Call it retro songs or vintage motorcycles, the elegance and beauty that classics have is unparalleled and stands unrivalled even with all the technology swamping our lives every hour. And that is why it would not be too much of stretch to imagine that some people love to get their hands on vintage stuff of sorts and are prepared to pay an exorbitant amount for the same. The article that we have here today concentrates specifically on some of the best classic motorcycles. The thrill of tearing through the night on a vintage bike and turning a few heads while doing the same is a feeling like no other. Therefore, let us now review a few of these classics priced at under $10,000 and try to examine if they are worth the money.

BSA Rocket 3:

This vintage model is from the period of 1968-1972 and worth spending a part of your hard-earned money. It has all the makings of a classic, and it might do you well to get your hands on the model. Speaking of the specifications, the bike is 740-cc transverse triple and powers through at 60 horsepower. Of course, it is not the specifications for which you would want to own the bike. It is the vintage feel that comes along with it.

Ducati 860GT/GTS:

The second vintage collection that we have on the list for you to consider is the Ducati 860GT/GTS. Ducati shall always find a special mention on any article that speaks about bikes. Ducati is that one bike that has evolved over the decades. The bike is from the golden period of 1976-1978 and was one of the best back in the day. The latest model of Ducati still reigns the market with immense glory, and that is why we must about this vintage model. It has an Italian make, and the features will vouch for that. It has a capacity of 840-cc and delivers a visceral torque punch.

Harley-Davidson Sportster:

This model of Harley-Davidson was a range back in 1957 but continued to rule the market of motorcycles even in 2004, and for all the right reasons. The model brought in some sort of revolution in the market and changed the landscape for sports bikes. The model was one of a kind- agile, balanced and lighter. If you have a penchant for sports bikes, this might be the right vintage sports bike for you.

Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville:

The final bike that we have on this list is the Triumph Bonneville. This model spurred an entire generation’s interest in riding bikes. The model was one of a kind for several reasons. It set several land records and is one of the best collections on this list. It is vintage, classy, yet chic and possessing the model shall earn you some serious brownie points among the bike lovers.

Though we have mentioned only four of the models on the list, there are more that your vintage bike-loving mind can opt for. Feel free to dig around on your own and take the pick that suits your biking sensibilities the best.

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